• At least 190,000 SAR in available liquid capital
  • Good finacial solvency with at least amount of 750,000 SR to establish the simplest franchise unit (model C).


  • Experience in restaurant management
  • Capital Availability
  • Dedication to the project

Usually, once you fulfill the conditions of IM Hungary, you can share the success with us immediately.

Model A:
8 months - 12 months
Model B:
6 months - 8 months
Model C:
4 months - 6 months

YES, we provide the following consultations:

  • 24/7 technical support and advice
  • Consulting in the selection of operational cadres
  • Advice on choosing investment sites



  • MODEL A:

            500,000 SAR

  • MODEL B:

           350,000 SAR

  • MODEL C:

            250,000 SAR


  • MODEL A: 

            390,000 SAR

  • MODEL B:

            280,000 SAR

  • MODEL C:

            190,000 SAR

It will be a practical training in one of our branches in Jeddah, with an integrated operating manual delivered to everyone who obtains the commercial franchise that fully explains the mechanism of work and how to prepare the menu, in addition to support during the opening and direct consultations with the work team.

  • MODEL A: 
    500 - 4,000 M2
  • MODEL B: 
    150 - 400 M2
  • MODEL C: 
    40 - 150 M2

  • Pre-opening training in major branches.
  • Give detailed operational manuals.
  • Grant regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Consultation and technical support around the clock.
  • The right to use the trademark in accordance with the regulations.
  • Scheduled regular visits.
  • Giving a visual identity to the brand.
  • Interior and Exterior Design
  • Training before and during opening in franchise branches.
  • Engineering drawings for implementation.
  • Preparing the opening ceremony.

Black Seed Co. one of the group companies will be responsible for providing all the basic materials for production, as well covering the entire menu.

The Gold CLASS includes the following services:

  • Complete engineering drawings design.
  • Covering the expenses of the opening ceremony.
  • Training in the new headquarters of the franchise branch.


Platinum Class does not include above services.

Yes, there are several operating manuals for the entire sales outlet units covering all administrative and technical aspects supported by pictures and in several languages.